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I’ve always drawn upon an instinctive desire to embrace the unconventional. I have an overactive imagination with an obsessive wanderlust. I am a vivid dreamer, a believer in magic, and someone who has a constant infatuation with the process of creating. My inherent distaste for conformity and artificiality motivates my compulsive passion for storytelling and authenticity.

I love the movie Clueless, I am terrified of birds, I appreciate sarcasm and I have distinctive Scorpio tendencies.

I was drawn to food soon after I moved back to India, after studying and working in the US for 10 years. It first started with cooking and baking; I would crave dishes that weren’t readily available in Bombay and would attempt to re-create them myself. I soon discovered that I also loved plating and styling which combined swiftly with my passion for photography and I instantly recognized the potential for storytelling with food.

I learnt the importance of understanding color and contrast, of playing with the joy of messiness or the subtlety of clean lines, and of the artistry required for the process.

Food is a moody, sensual, fascinating subject and a photograph should stimulate the viewer to experience the complexity of its ingredients, the depth of its flavor and the magic of its aroma.

bombay – notre dame – los angeles – bombay

You can reach me at ishirakumar@gmail.com to tell me if you liked, loved or hated my recipes, and check out my work at http://www.ishirakumar.com


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